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Proud To Be Part of This Special Northern Community…

57 North Kitchen + Brewery is a Fort McMurray based brewery started in 2019. We strive to make the best beer we can through creative exploration, top quality ingredients, scientific consistency, pristineness cleanliness, vast experience and great equipment. From keg-only batches to 5000L runs, 57 North is a Proudly Canadian microbrewery poised to deliver with flavor!

Fiercely Local 57 North Brewing is an advocate of local products. And supporting our community! We strive to use locally grown ingredients in our products. We use hops when available; specialty malts when called for. Our beers are used in certain dishes we serve; ingredients for producers of condiments and of desserts.

We work with many local and provincial organizations and companies to truly deliver a product that is proudly made here and superbly tasty.

Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results.

We are a team made up of diverse backgrounds that use our skillsets to the fullest. Each one of us are driven by the idea that the best work is born from craftsmanship, diligence and of course fun. Most importantly though,  we all share the same vision and values of our Fort McMurray community.

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Just ordered supper from here and it was absolutely delicious. Perfectly seasoned, well cooked.. the menu is really comprehensive. My steak sandwich came with a variety of choices .. I added the shrimp and the salad was really fresh.


good service. i really enjoy the food.friendly ppl nice smile on their face(waitress) i would recommend it


Love the hangover soup and bannock! Best service, and very diligent with health and safety guidelines.


Was up in Ft McMurry and looking for a place to eat, found this driving by looked good. Tried it out and the ribs were very good and lots of them. Beers are brewed on site, tried the wheat beer very good. If I go back to Ft McMurry I will be returning.


Our waitress was very nice and accommodating. The food was excellent! We had a personal tour of the brewery by the manager. We were very impressed.